Canon PRO-1000 Printer

Various tips, tricks, and advice for the Canon PRO-1000

In addition to the basic quick start setup instructions, I also did the following:

  1. Maintenance -> Print nozzle check pattern. As long as each color shows a clean grid pattern it is ok. The CO (chroma optimizer) pattern was the only one I didn’t know how to verify. I think it should just not have any blank white lines.
  2. Maintenance -> Color calibration -> Auto adjust (ref: manual). Follow the prompts and choose the paper type you will be using. Per Canon it is best to use Photo Paper Pro Platinum, Photo Paper Pro Luster, Paper Pro Premium Matte, or Premium Fine Art Smooth unless you plan to perform the calibration for every paper type. If you choose one of these types, the calibration will be applied even when using another type of paper. Note that this claibration is not the same as an ICC profile. This just ensures that the printer is reproducing colors in a consistent manner as intended by Canon and increases the likelyhood that ICC profiles for your papers will give good results even if the ICC profile was not created on your specific printer serial number.